gcov-kernel patch

McLendon, Rodney Rodney.McLendon@amd.com
Fri Jun 2 23:53:00 GMT 2006


I am trying to use the gcov-kernel patch that allows for the relocation of the source based on the environmental variables GCOV_PREFIX and GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP.  The problem that I am having is that the environmental variables don't seem to have any effect in relocating the source when processing or generating the .gcda files.  The following sort of depicts my configuration:

Sys A: cross-compiled source in path /home/user/tmp/work/linux-2.6.16/... for
       Sys B, producing .gcno files

Sys B: generates the .gcda files (I set GCOV_PREFIX_STRIP=4 here but had no

Sys C: (inside /somedir which contains linux-2.6.16, a directory that now
       contains the source as well as both .gcno and .gcda files) executed
       'lcov -c -o somefile.info -d linux-2.6.16' here and produced an error
       that indicated it could not find my source in 
       /home/user/tmp/linux-2.6.16/... although once again I set

On which system should the environmental variable(s) be set/used?


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