gcc -mspe -misel

Kai Ruottu karuottu@mbnet.fi
Thu Jan 26 14:04:00 GMT 2006

Kai Ruottu kirjoitti:
> Most probably your compiler was not targeted to the right variant of 
> PowerPC CPU... There are the 'generic', 'spe' and 'altivec' variants 
> for PPC.
> For instance the target name should be 'powerpc-eabispe' or 
> 'powerpc-eabisimaltivec' instead of the generic 'powerpc-eabi', if 
> wanting to produce
> any code for the 'SPE' or 'e500' variant or for one of the Altivec 
> types, or just wanting this code generation being the default.  Older 
> GCCs before
> gcc-4.0 could require the target name being different for getting any 
> code for the 'e500' type CPUs...
 My guess was confirmed by the following clause from a year ago, seen on 
the 'gcc' maillist :

   "As another secondary issue, I consider it a bug in the PowerPC back 
end that command-line options (like -misel) are silently ignored in the 

written by  Mark Mitchell, CodeSourcery, LLC, one of the GCC developers...

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