C++ Compiling and Linking Libraries.

Neil Ferguson nferguso@eso.org
Tue Jan 24 07:53:00 GMT 2006

sonatabar bar wrote:
> Hi,
> Newbee here,  Linux box.
> I am trying to compile a program into an executable by
> linking libraries of 5 packages. 
> I have, main.cpp , second.cpp, thrid.cpp,  fourth.cpp,
> fifth.cpp, and 
> 4 header files, second.h, thrid.h,  fourth.h, fifth.h.
> I first compile all the files into respective object
> files. Using Makefile,
> .cpp.o:
>         echo Compiling $<...
>         $(CPP_COMPILER) $(INCLUDE_DIRS) $(FLAGS) -c $<
> At this point I checked each of the object files by
> doing, for example,  ld main.o, to find many undefined
> references. Which I suppose is OKAY untill i finish
> linking ???
> Then, I try to generate executable.
> I fail doing so, if I do the following
> g++ -o executable_name main.o  $(INCLUDE_LIBS)
> second.o  $(INCLUDE_LIBS) third.o  $(INCLUDE_LIBS)
> fourth.o  $(INCLUDE_LIBS) fifth.o  $(INCLUDE_LIBS)

If $INCLUDE_LIBS contains stuff like
/path/to/library/directory/libname.so and
/path/to/library/directory/libname.a, it will only work for
the static libraries.

Try using "-L /path/to/library/directory -lname" to specify
the libraries to link to, where "name" is derived from

> I get those undefined reference errors present in the
> 'ld objectfile.o'. 
> I have all the paths to required libraried specified
> in  $(INCLUDE_LIBS).  The only difference is that all
> except one set of libraries are shared libraries(.so).
> Others all static libraries(.a). 
> I could get the executable generated if use the
> following option
> g++ -static -r executable_name ......................
> But then I get an error:
>          Exec format error. Wrong Architecture.
> Can anyone suggest me if, I am doing something wrong.
> if not How do I go about resolving it. 
> Also to mention, I have few archived static libraries
> created from obectfiles.o, which in turn has undefined
> references. And the path of these libraries are
> specified in  $(INCLUDE_LIBS).
> Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks,
> Sonata
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