auto and typedecl

Gabriel Dos Reis
Fri Jan 6 22:49:00 GMT 2006

Nathan Sidwell <> writes:

| Peter Vandersteegen wrote:
| > Do the keywords 'auto' and 'decltype' already have been introduced?
| > - as described in
| >
| > - for easier use of template expressions.
| > I have difficulty to find information concerning this problem.
| > If yes, could you please tell me where to find this information?
| > Which compiler flags help me to make them function.  From which compiler
| > version?
| > If no, is it plannend? When can I expect this addition?
| these are not implemented.  It's unlikely they will be implemented
| until wg21 actually commits to a particular set of semantics.

Right.  Notice that the proposal already left the Evolution Working
Group for Core.  Notice also that at the last meeting in Mont
Tremblant, Jaakko Järvi spent a fair amount with his time in Core
working on word-smithing.  The last version of the paper available in
the mailing has gone several stages of iteration of word-smithing with
core -- without having the set of semantics changed.

-- Gaby

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