Console I/O Help with g77

Kevin Myers
Mon Jan 2 05:55:00 GMT 2006

P.S. - I don't know if this address is for a mailing list.  If so, I am not
subscribed.  Therefore, I would appreciate a direct reply.

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Subject: Console I/O Help with g77

> Hello,
> I am new to g77, and am attempting to convert a program that ran under VS
> Fortran on an IBM mainframe.  I have converted most of the program without
> difficulty, but am having some problems related to console I/O.  I am
> g77 under Windows 2000.
> The mainframe version of the program to be converted contains a number of
> lines similar to the following:
> These calls are used to clear the screen on IBM 3270 style terminals prior
> to subsequent output.  Is there an equivalent g77 command that be used to
> clear the contents of the console (e.g. issue a form feed?)?
> The mainframe version of the program also contains numerous chunks of code
> similar to the following:
>  1315 REWIND 5
>  1411 WRITE(7,1412) PCS
>  1412 FORMAT(' ','Surface casing pressure (psi): ',F6.0)
>       READ(5,*,ERR=1411,END=1415) PCS
> g77 doesn't seem to allow a REWIND for unit 5 (console input).  Without
> REWIND there doesn't seem to be any way to detect and handle null input
> (which is very important in this program to accept numerous default
> Is there some way to do this that I am missing?
> Finally, a portion of this program is intended to write output to a
> text (ASCII) file that can be viewed or printed.  The mainframe version of
> the program includes traditional FORTRAN formatting characters for column
> of the output file (e.g. '0', '1', etc.).  g77 doesn't seem to translate
> these formatting commands into the appropriate ASCII characters for line
> feed, form feed, etc. in the output file.  Is there some way to get g77 to
> automatically perform this translation?  If not, what is the standard way
> writing form feeds and such for an ASCII output file under G77?
> Thanks in advance for any help.
> s/KAM

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