Bug in cmath namespace

Jens Vollinga vollinga@gmx.de
Mon Jan 30 14:49:00 GMT 2006


> GCC's g++ includes the C <math.h>, #undef's the macros, does a "using
> ::sin"
> >from the global namespace, and adds inline versions of sin(float) and
> sin(long double).

thanks for the fast reply.
My problem was not to understand what gcc does. gcc works like you described
it above. My problem is whether gcc does it correctly according to the ISO
standard. In paragraph 4 of section in that standard it says that
there should be no ::sin if you include cmath, only a std::sin. But since I
am not well trained in legal speak and have only a '98 draft version of the
standard available I am not sure if a am right or wrong.


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