system-optimisation headers/library?

Jim Stapleton
Thu Jan 26 15:25:00 GMT 2006

OK, anyone know of a good library (basically a set of headers with a
LOT of macros), that can handle many system optimisation tasks?

by this I mean, it will check the preprocessor macros and determin the
compiler, arch, and OS on which the app is being compiled, and using
the relevant parts of those, it will then set up a macro for integers
of various sizes (signed and unsigned), as well as macros defining the
size of the basic integer types, and the floating point types. Lastly,
something for giving opitimisation keys to the compiler, i.e.
"SYSTEM_OPT_KEY(NO_RETURN, IN_LIB, void fn_(args))" (which would
optimise the code for no return values, and putting it in a library,
depending on the compiler/os).

If not, anyone interested in making something like this? I've gotten
the very early stages for one (VERY early, GCC on x86 32bit and x86 64
bit, going to add Visual Studios some time this weekend). I appologize
if the content of this last paragraph slipped out of what is
considered appropriate material for this mailing list, however I put
it in more due to it being a continuation of what it started as, which
[I think] is relevant.

-Jim Stapleton

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