libgcc.a, et. al.

Perry Smith
Tue Jan 10 23:33:00 GMT 2006

Making slow progress...

I now have libstdc++ compiled as "standalone"  I am down to "free",  
"malloc", "abort", and "_restf4".  free and malloc I can hook up to  
net_free and net_malloc.  abort I can hook up to panic.  Its the  
_restf14 that gets me.

It is pulled in from unwind_dw2.o of libgcc_eh.a.  The IBM pubs tells  
me its part of the floating point linkage convention.

So, it sounds to me like I need to recompile libgcc_eh.a with the  
soft-float option.

Can someone help me do this with minimal stress?


On Jan 8, 2006, at 1:45 PM, David Edelsohn wrote:

>>>>>> Perry Smith writes:
> Perry> Maybe you can help on another item.  I recall back around  
> 1995 or so,
> Perry> gcc could not be used for AIX device drivers because it did not
> Perry> handle the floating point registers properly.  I have only a  
> vague
> Perry> memory of this.  Do you recall anything like that?
> 	GCC will generate uses of floating point registers from source
> code that only describes integer computations.  GCC 4.1 will do so  
> less
> often, but nothing has changed to prevent it.  One can use the soft- 
> float
> option, but this confuses people who want to use floating point  
> registers
> in code that does describe floating point computations.
> David

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