Problems of statically linking libstdc++ and libgcc . . .

avinash tarte
Mon Jan 9 11:59:00 GMT 2006


 I am working a product which is built on solaris 2.7
/  2.8 / 2.9. We are using gcc 3.2.3. Our program is
developed in C and C++ . When I try to compile my
program, by default it links libstdc++ and libgcc
dynamically. While deploying this program, we are
required to make sure that all the production machines
have gcc 3.2.3 installed on them. We want to avoid
this dependency. Thus we tried to link both the
libraries ( libstdc++ and libgcc ) statically. But
from different websites, we found that statically
linking these libraries is not recommended, as some of
the C++ features may not be properly working, for eg.
RTTI , exception handling, dynamic_cast etc.

 I would like to know that, are these claims correct.
Are there any problems in statically linking these

Regards , 
Avinash Tarte

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