default cflags to compile

Nuno Lopes
Sun Jan 8 00:26:00 GMT 2006

> On Tue, 13 Dec 2005, Nuno Lopes mused:
>>> On Mon, 12 Dec 2005, Nuno Lopes stipulated:
>>>> Update: I've tried to compile some sample sources, but linking has 
>>>> failed with:
>>> Yeah, linking two libraries using incompatible versions of libstdc++
>>> will be tricky, requiring linking against *both* copies using -Bgroup.
>>> (It's best to experiment using little testbed shared libraries exporting
>>> symbols of the same name, printing out different things from each shared
>>> library, until you grasp how -Bgroup works. It can be counterintuitive.)
>> But I supposed that compiling it with proper -fabi-version would do the 
>> trick..
> If you do that *and* point the symlink to, you
> should be OK. (I didn't think of that. Oops.)

Hi Nix et all,

Sorry for the delay.
I'm now able to compile & link all examples provided by Sony, but... they 
don't run. (well, I receive minor link warnings:
I had to patch libstdc++ from gcc 3.3.6, so that gcc 4 would accept them, 
but the mips embeded system from Sony still refuses to run the programs. 
There is some cpu exception, but don't know precisely what the error is, 
because the system dies before writing the usual backtrace.

My scripts are available now at Can you please take a look at 
them to check if you can find something wrong?

If this way doesn't work, where can I find more information about the other 
option you told me (-Bgroup)?

Thanks in advance,

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