libgcc.a, et. al.

Perry Smith
Sat Jan 7 21:27:00 GMT 2006

I can not find a description of what the different versions of libgcc  
and libstd++ are for.  Some versions are obvious, others are not.

In particular, I am trying to determine what these libraries are  
for:  (this is on AIX version 5.3)  (how are they different from each  
other perhaps is a better way to phrase my question.  Or what  
objective do each of these have?)


To provide some background, I am attempting to write a device driver  
on AIX 5.3 using C++.  I want to use the try/catch/throw exception  
part of C++.  I realize this may be an uphill battle but I think it  
will be worth it.  To do this, the driver must be linked statically  
except for references resolved by exports provided by the AIX kernel  
services.  I've been writing drivers using xlc on AIX for 18+ years  
so I am familiar with the AIX environment using C but want to start  
using C++.

Thank you,
Perry Smith

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