GCC and my G4

John Love-Jensen eljay@adobe.com
Mon Jan 2 12:46:00 GMT 2006

Hi Ceilti,

> I was told that OS X came bundled with GCC, but mine didn't, and
> after browsing through these pages perhaps this is only true of iMacs
> with G5 cpu?

Xcode (which includes GCC) is bundled on your OS X CDs, but not
pre-installed on your machine.

If you need to, you can download Xcode from Apple's website

Software Downloads: Mac OS X Development Tools
Download Xcode 2.2

> 1. - I am thinking about exchanging my G4 for a G5 if this is the
> only way to get GCC. I guess I'm talking about a compiled version of
> GCC. I am unsure of my abilities to compile it myself.

I use Xcode (which includes GCC) on G3, G4 and G5 machines.

> 2. - Will GCC work OK on my G4? if so is there compiling help
> available to me?  (both for compiling GCC and for using it for
> compiling the above games?

GCC will work OK on your G4.

I recommend using Apple's pre-compiled GCC, since it has been instrumented
with some Apple-isms.  I strongly dissuade from trying to roll your own GCC
on OS X -- not that it can't be done, but I'm sure there are a lot of sharp
corners with which to hurt oneself.

> 3. - and unrelatedly, I have been away from the world for about a
> year and am very shocked that Apple is going to leave Motorola and
> change to Intel. Considering this, would it be smarter not to get a
> G5 right now, but wait and invest in a newer cpu machine after this
> coming transition?

That is a decision you'll have to make.  If you are patient, you can use
your G4 for now (perfectly good machine), and hop on the new Intel-based
Macintosh platforms when they become available.

If you are impatient (or have copious discretionary income) you can buy a G5
for now, and an Intel-based Macintosh later.

> Two of my older brothers for years have wanted me learn C and C++ and see this
> period as an opportunity for me to start. That is why they recommended
> returning to Angband, and getting GCC, but I'm afraid I may have made a wrong
> decision in my choice of machine.

I compile my own Angband, ZAngband and ToME on OS X.  All compile without
serious problems.  BTW:  I recommend ToME (http://www.t-o-m-e.net/), 2.3.3
in particular to get started, 3.0.0a2 later on.  I'm guessing that 3.0.0a2
hasn't been OS X-ified yet.

Happy new year,

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