Building GCC 4.1.1 on Sparc/Solaris 8

Mon Aug 28 17:02:00 GMT 2006

The problem I was trying to solve is with "R"  *** caught bus error ***
address 5, cause 'invalid alignment'. The most recent gcc binary I
could find was 3.4.2 and I suspected getting bug fixes would be hard.

Recompiling R with 4.1.1. fixed the problem, and it runs better on an
old Sparc than on a newish AMD64!

However, building 4.1.1. on Solaris 8 wasn't problem free, so I thought
I'd share the problems and solutions and maybe someone could pass this
onto the relevant developers  The problems were few and rather minor
and don't reflect on the exceptionally high quality of this release. I
did the build in /usr/local/gcc.


QT_INCLUDE_DIR=$($PKG_CONFIG --variable=includedir QtGui)
syntax error: `QT_INCLUDE_DIR=$(' unexpected

fixed by editing ../gcc-4.1.1/libjava/classpath/configure
and changing #!/bin/sh to #!/bin/bash


missing makeinfo

fixed by: ln -s /opt/csw/bin/makeinfo /usr/local/bin/makeinfo

(it looks like /usr/local/bin/makeinfo must be hard wired someplace
because /opt/csw/bin was first in PATH)


xgcc: error trying to exec '/usr/local/gcc/./gcc/as': execv: No such 
file or directory

fixed by editing /usr/local/gcc/./gcc/as and /usr/local/gcc/./gcc/collect-ld
to change #!bash to #!/bin/bash

Now this last problem might have been because CONFIG_SHELL=bash and maybe
CONFIG_SHELL should have been /bin/bash, in which case perhaps someone
could fix the documentation to say that CONFIG_SHELL should be the path
to the shell, and not the shell itself. I didn't try this fix...


Thanks for gcc 4.1.1 and I hope these notes are useful

Regards -- Frank Middleton

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