Sections (.got .got2 .gcc_except_table .fixup), what are they for?

Jeff Lasslett
Fri Aug 25 04:11:00 GMT 2006

Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> Jeff Lasslett <> writes:
>> I can't seem to find an explanation of the nature of the following sections:
> The question may be more appropriate for the
> mailing list.  See

I've now asked it there as well.

> You neglected to mention your target.  It matters.


>> .got
>> .got2
> These will contain the global offset table.
>> .gcc_except_table
> This will contain information used for unwinding the stack during
> exception handling.
>> .fixup
> The Linux kernel uses this section to record relocation information
> used at run time.

Could I then expect it to be empty as I'm not using linux on my target?

> To see whether the section can be stored in ROM or RAM, see whether it
> is readonly.  You can do this via objdump -h or readelf -S.  A
> readonly section may be stored in ROM.  Otherwise it must normally be
> in RAM.
> Most likely all the sections above can be stored in ROM.

Thanks for the explanation Ian.


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