building fortran

Kai Ruottu
Thu Aug 24 07:26:00 GMT 2006

Vadim Gutnik kirjoitti:
> On Wed, Aug 23, 2006 at 01:25:45PM -0700, Kai Ruottu wrote:
>>  Please look those executables, which should use these shared libs
>>  in the '/impinj/uns/amd64_2.4/lib/', with the 'objdump -p'
>>  command... Your use > of the '-rpath' option should have added a
>>  RPATH entry seen in the output!
> Well, that does seem to be the problem. I don't think the rpath
> options got passed down into the configuration.
> Here's what I see. (I include objdump from gfortran, f951, and
> octave-2.1.73, which I built with the same options. There is no RPATH
> set in the gfortran or f951 executables, but it is set in octave.)
> I can't tell if this is a bug in the build process or if I'm doing
> something wrong. I set LDFLAGS at the very top level, before configure
> and make of gcc.
 My guess would be a bug in the configure system...  Setting
CFLAGS*, LDFLAGS* etc. in the environment doesn't always
go to the resulting Makefiles created in configure :-(   I'm not
even sure if the environment settings should be noted in any
way, what the GCC developers have thought the rule being...

 So the workaround and the usual practice in cases like this
would be to manually check and edit the main GCC 'Makefile'
and the 'gcc/Makefile'  for the given settings really being put

 I myself have seen environment settings like '*_FOR_TARGET'
NOT going into the resulting Makefiles!

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