Using a lower version of gcc

Bill McEnaney
Thu Aug 17 11:44:00 GMT 2006


Gcc's "-V" directive should tell your computer what gcc version to use.
 I think that to run version 3.2, you would type, "gcc -V 3.2" and other
directives, if any. Please omit the quotation marks when you type the


> My school Red Hat system has gcc 3.2 as well as 3.4
> installed on it. By default, all programs make use of
> 3.4. I am trying to compile a program that should work
> with 3.2 but not with 3.4. However, I do not know how
> to force the program to compile using 3.2 instead of
> the default 3.4.
> I use:
> ./configure --prefix=/path
> Could someone please help me with this ? I assume we
> can set a certain flag to specify the old gcc version
> but dont know which. Also, how do we check all the gcc
> versions available ?
> Thank you
> Vinayak.
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