GDB - insert breakpoint in a subroutine

Michael Eager
Wed Aug 2 00:18:00 GMT 2006

GDB questions are better sent to the GDB mailing list,, not GCC-help.

You probably also want to provide a bit more information,
such as your environment (architecture, OS, gdb version),
the language you are using (C? C++?) and perhaps the first
lines of the subroutine.  Also the exact text of the command
you entered and the exact text of the error message you
received from gdb.

victor marian wrote:
>  How can I set a breakpoint when entering a subroutine
>  in gdb?
>  break function
>      inserts a breakpoint in a function
>      If I enter a subroutine it says the
> subroutine is not recognised.
>                                    Thank you
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