Thu Aug 31 17:04:00 GMT 2006


Would you please tell me how the intermediate variable names and loop
labels are assigned in GIMPLE SSA representation.

for example, consider the following

 i.12_43 = i_4;
 j.13_44 = j_6;
 i.12_45 = i_4;
 j.13_46 = j_6;
 D.1888_47 = C[i.12_45][j.13_46];
 i.12_48 = i_4;
 k.14_49 = k_7;
 D.1890_50 = A[i.12_48][k.14_49];
 k.14_51 = k_7;
 j.13_52 = j_6;
 D.1891_53 = B[k.14_51][j.13_52];
 D.1892_54 = D.1890_50 * D.1891_53;
 D.1893_55 = D.1888_47 + D.1892_54;
 C[i.12_48][j.13_52] = D.1893_55;
 k_57 = k_7 + 1;

now I want to know how exactly the numbers associated with each variable
are obtained. 

If you can suggest me a good reference it would be very helpful.

Thank you,
Adarsha Rao.

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