about -00 option of gcc

Lin George george4academic@yahoo.com
Tue Aug 29 09:21:00 GMT 2006

Hello Kai,

Thank you for your reply. The manual I am referring to


What manual are you using to find the description for
-00 option? I would like to download it. Could you
provide an URL please?


--- Kai Ruottu <karuottu@mbnet.fi> wrote:

> Lin George wrote:
> > What is the function of -00 option in gcc? I can
> not
> > find related descriptions from gcc manual.
> >   
>  What manual?  My "Using the GNU Compiler Collection
> (GCC)"
> for gcc-3.4 describes this as : "Do not optimize.
> This is the default."
>  Is some of the newer gcc-4.x manuals missing this
> or what?  Some
> of the earlier gcc-2.9, gcc-3.0-3.3 ones or maybe
> the most uptodate
> gcc-4.2 one?

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