Problem using Lauterbach Debugger with GCC-ARM

Khem Raj
Mon Aug 28 17:51:00 GMT 2006

Kanwal Preet Singh CHANANA said the following on 8/28/2006 3:32 AM:
> Hi all,
> I am porting my project from ADS1.2 to GCC-ARM v4.0.3. 
> Initally, I had to do some changes in assembly files as Assembly directives in ADS are different from GCC-ARM 
> e.g In ADS we can use "CODE32" directive to represent ARM code but in GCC-Arm,we have to use ".code32" . 
> Then I have to change the image section load script file due to differences in format used by ADS & GCC-ARM. 
> Now I am able to complile & link my sources & obtain a flash.axf (image file) but the image is not working on target.
hmmm jumping from ADS 1.2 to GCC 4 has some ABI differences for ARM 
binaries. The ABI has changed so you might see these kind of issues. 
Read about ARM
EABI from ARM's website. Secondly have you verified that your 
application works with ARM RCVT or ARM RVDS?
> I am using Lauterbach Debugger for debug purpose. With ADS images, Lauterbach successfully works but with GCC-ARM image, it fails to work e.g.
> 1)  I am not able to Setup Breakpoints.  
> 2)  Lauterbach still jumps by offset of 4 bytes instead of 2 bytes in Thumb code.
This may be due to the special thumb symbol types or the mapping symbols 
used in ARM ADS that  Lauterbach debugger relies on.
You might want to ask Lauterbach if they support GNU ARM tools.
> If anybody wants, I can send my build configurations as well as Lauterbach batch file.
> I have asked for help on this issue earlier also but nobody replied.Please help me out.
> Can anybody suggest me a workaround to debug GCC-ARM image using Lauterbach?
> Can anybody suggest a way by which I can link absolute symbols contained in object file (symbols.o) with my sources using GCC-ARM?
> Regards,
> Kanwal
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