Problem using Lauterbach Debugger with GCC-ARM

Kanwal Preet Singh CHANANA
Mon Aug 28 11:01:00 GMT 2006

Hi all,

I am porting my project from ADS1.2 to GCC-ARM v4.0.3. 

Initally, I had to do some changes in assembly files as Assembly directives in ADS are different from GCC-ARM 
e.g In ADS we can use "CODE32" directive to represent ARM code but in GCC-Arm,we have to use ".code32" . 

Then I have to change the image section load script file due to differences in format used by ADS & GCC-ARM. 

Now I am able to complile & link my sources & obtain a flash.axf (image file) but the image is not working on target.

I am using Lauterbach Debugger for debug purpose. With ADS images, Lauterbach successfully works but with GCC-ARM image, it fails to work e.g.
1)  I am not able to Setup Breakpoints.  
2)  Lauterbach still jumps by offset of 4 bytes instead of 2 bytes in Thumb code.

If anybody wants, I can send my build configurations as well as Lauterbach batch file.
I have asked for help on this issue earlier also but nobody replied.Please help me out.

Can anybody suggest me a workaround to debug GCC-ARM image using Lauterbach?
Can anybody suggest a way by which I can link absolute symbols contained in object file (symbols.o) with my sources using GCC-ARM?


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