static libgcc_s.a?

Maarten Thibaut
Wed Aug 23 19:52:00 GMT 2006


Can be made static, resulting in a libgcc_s.a?

The reason I'm asking this is that on Solaris, can't be made 
available using LD_LIBRARY_PATH (I haven't tested LD_PRELOAD). In our 
environment this means that if I compile a program on an NFS client that 
has gcc at /opt/local/gcc/4.1.1/bin/gcc, it automatically means I need to 
copy over /opt/local/gcc/4.1.1/lib/ to any host that isn't an 
NFS client - like one of our servers.

This pollutes the directory structure on our servers and it's our major 
reason for preferring Sun Studio over gcc. Can we fix this on our side by 
compiling libgcc_s statically?


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