Understand cross compiling

dohanc@optonline.net dohanc@optonline.net
Wed Aug 16 15:30:00 GMT 2006

Let me clarify a mistake I made - PowerPC has nothing to do with this, my mistake. This IS a MVME147 board with a Motorola 68030 processor running VxWorks. I am trying to build the toolchain on a linux host. I don't believe I have found any pre made VxWorks gcc made for i386 linux hosts.

Let me clarify the question you didn't understand. If I was to take your 'm68k-elf-gcc-4.1' and renamed it to just 'gcc', I just lost the description of what target it was built for. Is there an option to tell what target gcc was configured for? ie. gcc --target-name Further, is there an option to tell what host it was originally configured for? I realize most people would know this information, however I have a case where I don't since I have a binary copy of a few tools.

I was using an option -DCPU=MC68030 instead of simply -m68030 simply because it was in the original make file. For some reason -DCPU=MC68030 doesn't complain. It obviously was not creating it for my m68k target. This is why my native Suse gcc was not complaining. 

There is no different with Solaris somehow being able to compile VxWorks code? Solaris would still need a toolchain just as any other host/target combination would, correct? My confusion is mainly coming from people *thinking* a cross compiler is not needed.
Thanks for the help.

BTW, I was able to sucesfully build the toolchain.

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