Multiple GCC and multiple sets of shared libraries

Joe Hsu
Fri Aug 11 14:16:00 GMT 2006

Dear ALL:

        I know this is an old question and I've done
some googling.

        I successfully built gcc 2.96 on a redhat 7.3 computer with
its installation in /usr/local/gcc/2.96. (I built this with gcc 2.96 located
in /usr/bin)

        Then I clone the whole directory /usr/local/gcc/2.96 to
another computer and its OS is gentoo 2005.

        Then successfully I can build driver modules using gcc 2.96
in gentoo OS and let it run on other computers with kernel built
by gcc 2.96.

        But when it comes to application programs, I can not just clone
the shared libraries on a red hat 7.3 computer to somewhere else on the
gentoo computer and use LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

        It always links to gentoo's default libraries when compiling
with gcc 2.96
on the gentoo computer. And if I copy the compiled application program to
a Red Hat 7.3 environment, it would complain abount wrong libraries that
not compiled with gentoo's gcc.

       Can someone give me some hints about this. thanks.

The sun is shinny but the ice is slippery.

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