Why not work is logical?

Fran list_c@yobinario.com
Sat Apr 15 13:40:00 GMT 2006

O Sáb, 15-04-2006 ás 08:07 -0500, Perry Smith escribiu:

> I had trouble getting your original declaration of link to compile
> with either C or C++ so I'm curious if you did.  My compiler
> complained that all but the first dimension had to be defined.

unsigned int (*ui)[][]; /* Pointer to variable size multidimensional
array of unsigned ints? */
unsigned int (*pointer_ui)[x][y]/*pointer to Matrix[x][y] of unsigned ints*/ = (unsigned int (*)[x][y]) /*cast */ ui;

The same problem strange results. I need use pointer to matrix to get
mmap output as pointer to matrix.

Compile without any problem, gcc-3.4.3-9 -Wall enabled.

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