libstdc++-v3 of gcc 4.1.0 fails during configure on Mac OS X and Cygwin

Hermann-Simon Lichte
Thu Apr 13 09:39:00 GMT 2006

> I am not sure why this occurs but it can be more of a configure error
> than a gcc error.
> Moreover trying buiding with same options but end a directory like
> --prefix=/a/ instead of --prefix=/a .
> Can tell me how you are building the stuff. Like the steps and
> commands you used.

I copied the libgloss and the newlib directory of the latest newlib  
release (1.14) into the gcc source tree and configured with the  
following parameters:

--target=powerpc-eabi --prefix=/usr/local/gcc-powerpc-eabi --with- 
local-prefix=/usr/local/gcc-powerpc-eabi --enable-languages=c,c++ -- 

Thanks for your help.


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