about f77/f90 and gcc

sean yang seanatpurdue@hotmail.com
Mon Apr 24 16:37:00 GMT 2006

I have hacked gcc to add some instrumentation functionality (adding a simple 
pass). It works for my C programs (because I can compile them by using 
">/home/mygcc/bin/gcc myprog.c") , and now I am thinking of how to have it 
work for fortran programs--as my transformation pass is done after 
GIMPLIFICATION, this should work theoretically. i.e., I want to incorporate 
an f77/f90 frontend to my compiler (I imagine/guess  the frontend can be 
combined by simply changing a script file, as changing mpicc script can 
redirect it to any compiler. But I may be wrong).
I realize the gcc4.0.2 source code does not include any fortran frontend.

Apparently, in my box, the f77 executable is in a directory that I don't 
have privilege to change.(I am using a Linux box administrated by my 
university. )
>which f77

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