libstdc++-v3 of gcc 4.1.0 fails during configure on Mac OS X and Cygwin

Hermann-Simon Lichte
Thu Apr 13 06:45:00 GMT 2006


I wanted to compile gcc 4.1.0 for a powerpc-eabi target using newlib,  
but libstdc++-v3's configure fails with the following error message:

checking for shared libgcc… configure: error: Link tests are not  
allowed after GCC_NO_EXECUTABLES

This error is produced at line # 87576 in configure.

This happens both on a Darwin 8.6.0 and a Windows XP Cygwin machine.  
I have no trouble building 3.x gcc's so in the meantime I'll stick  
with on of these.

Please find attached the bzipped config.log.

Any pointers are appreciated.


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