size of long long int on amd 64

Vincent Torri
Wed Nov 30 21:34:00 GMT 2005


On Mon, 28 Nov 2005, John Love-Jensen wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
> > i would like to know if it is normal that long int and long long int are
> > 64 bits long on amd64 (I have thought that long long would have been 128
> > bits long).
> Hmmmm.  I'd have thought that on a 64-bit word-size architecture, int would
> be 64-bits big, long would be 128-bits big, and long long would be 256-bits
> big.

on amd64, with gcc 4.0.3 (well, an instable debian release),

int is of size 32 bits

long int is of size 64 bits

long long int is of size 64 bits

> After all, canonically, int is supposed to be the natural word size of the
> architecture.  And long is twice that size, and long long is ... well,
> whatever long long is supposed to be.

i also supposed something like that.


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