Binary compatibility - Xeon & Opteron

Meissner, Michael
Wed Nov 2 00:21:00 GMT 2005

Yes of course, and as both Intel and AMD introduce new machines, we will
probably need new tuning for each model.  This is true of any platform
that has more than one different cpu in the model family.  For example,
when I was working with PowerPC's and MIPS computers, each different
model had different tuning options though they all had a common
instruction set (or at least a common subset in the case of the MIPS).

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Meissner, Michael wrote:

> Note all of the Linux 64-bit distributions only ship one set of
> binaries, so the code generated by the compilers is the same.  There
> at least one instruction (cmpxcg16) that Intel has that AMD doesn't,
> the compiler doesn't generate it.

However, using GCC 4.x and optimizing for 'k8' vs. 'nocona' can make a 
noticeable performance difference. The resulting code may run on both 
sorts of CPUs, but the instruction scheduling is apparently quite

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