F77 code under gcc

Steven Bosscher stevenb@suse.de
Fri Nov 4 17:00:00 GMT 2005

On Friday 04 November 2005 16:57, Alex Tzanov wrote:
> Dear Sir
> So shall I understand no support for F77 at all? Or there are options for
> F77 dialect? Novell site claims support for F77, but seems to me that is
> not true.

That is because you don't understand what is going on here.

First of all, F95 with GNU extensions is a superset of F77, so a good
F95 compiler can compile your F77 code.  What comes with GCC 4.0 is
not really a good compiler btw, it is highly experimental -- use at
your own risk.

Second, you don't even have gfortran installed.  Install the package
named gcc-fortran.rpm.

Note that this list is totally inappropriate for the questions you're
asking.  I think it is quite rude that even though the appropriate
list to ask questions was pointed out to you, you still simply re-ask
your question somewhere else.  That kind of behavior makes me less
willing to help you.


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