texinfo sources for a C/C++ tutorial / reference guide.

Marcio A. A. Fialho mitrusc1980-newsgroup@yahoo.com.br
Mon May 30 15:20:00 GMT 2005

   Anybody knows of a C/C++ reference guide in texinfo
format? A refence guide for C/C++ operators, keywords,
etc? GCC C/C++ compiler manuals lacks a reference
guide for basic (and advanced) C/C++ operators and
keywords, assuming that the programmer already knows
every keyword and C/C++ operator.
   Turbo C/C++ had in it's on-line help explanations
for keywords like auto, break, do, while, for, int,
double, unsigned, float, if, ...

   I'm using DJGPP with RHIDE. RHIDE has a integrated
on-line help system that is very similar to Turbo C++
help system, however RHIDE searches for help topics in
texinfo files. Hence, if I find a texinfo file that
has a explanation of C/C++ language, keywords and
operators, then I'll not need to switch between
applications to solve doubts about C/C++ language.

Marcio A. A. Fialho.

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