gcc3.2.3 : exception caught, but still segment fault

lin q linq936@hotmail.com
Thu May 19 02:27:00 GMT 2005

OK, I have some update on this.

I find that I must use "catch (...)" to catch the exception, otherwise there 
always is a segment fault.

I tried throw an integer and catch an integer, throw a string and catch a 
string and that throw a self-defined class object and catch that class, 
these all do not work.

I tried tracing the flow in gdb, but it can only go to the catch statement 
and then I see something about SIGNAL and flow lost.

But once I use "catch (..)" then whatever type is thrown, it is fine.

It is strange. Any body see it?

  I am using gcc3.2.3 as the compiler for my c++ code on Red Hat Linux 
Enterprise 3. I find that even an exception is caught, "Segment Fault" is 
still thrown out and program crashes.

  Here is my code,
int func0(){
   if (...some condition...){
     throw MyException();

char* func(){
   catch (MyException& ){
      cout << "Hey catch exception" << endl;
      return NULL;

  In running the code, I can see that "Hey catch exception", and then 
"Segment Fault", it never returns to the caller of func().

  Is this a known problem?

  I wonder

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