Ian Lance Taylor ian@airs.com
Tue May 17 13:51:00 GMT 2005

Philippe Poelvoorde <philippe@costrading.co.uk> writes:

> I'm using gcc 3.4.2 under Solaris 8 (02/04). When I compile something
> that include fenv.h the file is not found. What can I do to use the
> C99 header ?  (upgrade gcc or patch Solaris 8 ?).
> Any help appreciated (as I am a total newby under solaris).

gcc does not provide fenv.h.  It has to have library support specific
to your system.

I don't know whether Solaris provides a C library with fenv.h.  You
will have to ask people who know Solaris--i.e., some other mailing
list somewhere.


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