linking takes hell long w/ gcc4

Nathan Sidwell
Mon May 9 08:09:00 GMT 2005

Christian Parpart wrote:

> I speak of times where gcc3.4 took up to a minute to link 
> (libmake/autoconf/libtool based library) our library, and now, using gcc4 
> (which is unfortunately a requirement, obviousely) takes MORE than 9 minutes 
> to link;

This is, er, 'odd'.  You've not really provided enough information
though.  Here are some questions,

1) what system are you using?

2) are you using the same binutils/libmak/autoconf/libtool with both 3.4 and 4.0?

3) do you know of any other piece of configuration that might have changed?

4) how are you invoking the linker?

5) what sort of application are you linking?  How many libraries? Are the
libraries the same, or have some of those been upgraded (and perhaps brought
more dependencies with them)?


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