Help Needed!

Bencio Aristo
Mon May 2 11:22:00 GMT 2005

To whom it may concern,
I, together with other colleagues in a university in
the Philippines, are currently working on a study
regarding semantic checking of compilers. I would like
to ask some questions regarding the C compiler (gcc).
One semantic error we are looking at is the
inconsistent use of formats or types in printf and
scanf (the "%c", "%s", "%d", etc.)
an example of this semantic error is shown below:
void main (void){
 char word[5];
 printf("Please enter a word:");
 scanf("%s", &word);   
Compilers should be able to determine whether the
format used in the scanf and printf for a variable are
the same. In this example, scanf used "%s" and in
printf, "%c" is used.This will cause error a runtime
error. This error also occurs in mixing up of other
types such as "%d", "%f" , and "%lf".
We are planning to do a study on this and how we can
implement it on an open source C compiler and see if
it would be feasible.

Which source file is responsible for the lexical and
syntax analyzing? (so that i may be able to add printf
and scanf as recognized symbols)

Thank you in advance.

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