Compiling GCC 4.0.0 for mips r4000

Ousama Rawas
Sun Jul 31 15:10:00 GMT 2005

On 7/31/05, Arturas Moskvinas <> wrote:
> > Acctually, I think I'll try --target=mips64-linux (I'm not sure what
> > specific operating system I'll be using at this point). What should I
> > do though if I want to compile stuff for the mips r4000 specifically,
> > irrespective of the OS to be used?
> You want to write your own OS, or BIOS? Because different OS'es have
> different calling conventions and so on, it is impossible to have a
> one compiler for every OS for that architecture... Of course you can
> compile all possible compiler for that architecture...
> Arturas M.

Thanks for the reply. What I need is to assume any OS at this point,
and to compile for the mips r4000. At a layer stage, I might
write/customize an OS. Now I just need to compile GCC to generate
assembly code for the mips r4000, assuming that I have this or that OS
(specifying an OS at this point isn't really essential for me).
Thanks for the help.

Ousama Rawas

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