Wed Jul 27 13:44:00 GMT 2005

louise kelliher wrote:

> Hiya, im wondering if you could help me, Im at my wits end and need to
> cover c programming before I start a foundation internet technology
> course in September. I have been trying for 2 weeks and cant get past
> the first page. Please could you tell me how to download gcc -v on a
> windows xp computer. I found a list but none of them said
> MinGW-1.1.tar.gz and now I think Ive downloaded the wrong one as it
> wont work, and also I dont know how to create a directory. Please help
> me. Thanks for your time. Louise Kelliher
Go to and scroll down (or search for)
MinGW-4.1.1.exe (yes, it is a little well hidden, it's in the "current"
section of the huge bunch of downloads).

Download it, select the default option for everything it asks you (you
can change the install directory if you like. I'd seriously advise
installing it to something like c:\mingw or d:\mingw however, don't put
it in a directory with spaces unless you like pain :)

It will then go away and download a further 45MB or so, and finish

Now pop open a command prompt and type "c:\mingw\bin\g++ -v" (changing
c:\mingw for wherever you installed it) and a bunch of stuff should
appear, ending in "gcc version 3.4.2 (mingw-special)"

You could also do it via Cygwin. I would seriously not advise
downloading all of cygwin however! Instead just get the programs you
want (you want gcc, it is in the devel section. You may also want make
and and other programs your guide references). A full cygwin download is
I believe about 1GB now, and installing it takes about 2GB (of course,
if you have a big broadband connection and hard drive space to burn,
feel free :)


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