Problems building a cross compiler...

Rupert Wood
Fri Jul 22 11:04:00 GMT 2005

Andrew McCall wrote: 

> You can see the layout here:
> I have tried using:
> --with-sysroot=../../../haiku/headers
> --with-sysroot=../../../haiku/headers/os
> --with-sysroot=../../../haiku/headers/posix

IIRC, the sysroot directory should contain subdirectories 'include' and
'lib'. By the look of it, posix is the one you need as include, although you
might want to merge in the os directory depending on what layout the apps
you want to compile expect. You could do this by making a new 'include'
directory and using cpio or similar to link in all the files in os and
posix. I don't know the convention for your OS.

I may be a few years out of date but it used to be safest to use absolute
paths for configure parameters rather than relative paths, i.e.



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