Gcov for user level application

Ringo Pebam ringo_pebam@yahoo.com
Tue Jul 19 06:55:00 GMT 2005


I compile my user level application code on my host machine with the appropiate
cross compiler.

It generates the .bb and .bbg files plus the executable.

I transfer these 3 files to the target device and there i tried running the 
executable, hoping to get the .da file. But it is not generated.

I thought the kernel running on the target(arm9 processor) doesnt supports gcov 
for user level application, and went to makemenuconfig, there the option is only 
for kernel and not user level applications.

Could you please suggest me how should make Gcov work on my target device ??

I am thinking of cross compiling the gcov source and put it on the target 
device. Could anybody tell me where i could find the gcov source code ?


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