Strange #pragma interface behaviour introduced in gcc 4

Enrico Zini
Sat Jul 9 15:51:00 GMT 2005


I work with libraries with lots of templates and, to reduce compilation
time, I split long definitions in separate files, and I do explicit
template instantiations in an extra compilation unit.

This used to work fine until (and including) gcc 3.4, but broke in gcc
4.  You can find a small example code at:

In that example, if I remove the #pragmas, it works.  With the pragmas,
it complains about the default constructor, destructor, copy constructor
and copy operation are used but not defined.

I didn't find this behaviour documented in the gcc changes files, and
I can't understand if it's a problem in my code or a problem in gcc.
I'm this writing for help.

Please keep me Cc-ed as I'm not subscribed to the list.



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