Defining address's offset.

Liza Atkin
Mon Feb 14 17:30:00 GMT 2005


Thank you for your help, it works.
Just in case someone looks for solution for the same problem:
   in addition to defining BITS_PER_UNIT=32 and UNITS_PER_WORD=1
  you have to make changes in real.c and real.h similar to those of c4x port
  in order to "redefine" FLOAT_MODE and then substitute your FLOAT_MODE
  by new definition in target-modes.h (again just like c4x).


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"Liza Atkin" <> writes:

> 	But the main thing is that I followed your advice concerning the
> UNITS_PER_WORD definition and it did not have any influence whatsoever
> on addresses' indexation and I thought maybe you could think of additional
> components that influence the offset.

I am surprised at that.  I would expect that changing BITS_PER_UNIT
and UNITS_PER_WORD would do it.

I recommend building the c4x-rtems target, and take a look at the code
and RTL that it generates, and compare it to what you are getting.
That target has similar characteristics.


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