jfj jfj@freemail.gr
Tue Feb 22 10:08:00 GMT 2005

Thanks Nathan!

I thought so too, but breaking the file is rather difficult as I try to take
advantage of extreme inlining and so everything expands into one huge
c file.

But now that I have the confirmation that this is the right way to go
I'll get into it.



Nathan Sidwell wrote:

> jfj wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I have a program that uses computed gotos.
>> Should I use -fno-gcse?
>> The situation is that there is one very important function with computed
>> gotos and about 300 others without!
>> Isn't there a way to disable fgcse for that one function and allow it 
>> for
>> the rest of the code?
>> With fno-gcse the program is about 0.3% faster, so I can't tell for sure
>> what's the right thing to do here.
> break the file into two parts, one that can be -fgcse'd and one that
> can be -fno-gcse'd
> nathan

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