libstdc++-v3 configuration not supported

Moser, Dan (GE Trans)
Mon Feb 21 13:42:00 GMT 2005

I am new to the GNU tools and have been trying for 3 days to build cross compilers for both powerpc-eabi and m68k.

I have tried the process under both Linux and Cygwin with the same results.

For either target, I am able to successfully build the binutils, gcc-core, newlib, and target  C compiler.

However, when I try to build a target C++ compiler, I get the message that libstdc++ is not supported under my specified configuration.

I have also tried to configure and make libstdc++-v3 manually but end up with a compile error (identical error on cygwin and linux).

The g++ compiler does build and seem to work ok, I just can't get libstdc++ built.

Could anyone tell me the proper way, or a work-around, if any, to accomplish this task?

I have looked at crosstool and as examples but I am hoping for a little more "spoon feeding", if possible.

I ultimately want to cross compile under Cygwin for the above mentioned 2 targets.

Dan Moser

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