alignment issues for sse

Brian Budge
Tue Feb 15 16:13:00 GMT 2005

Hello all -

I just wrote  a small vector/matrix template library that allows use
of sse intstructions.

I wrote some simple test programs and everything seems to work great. 
But then I tried to move the classes into my ray tracer and things
started to look not so good.

I use the __m128 type defined in xmmintrin.h.  Additionally (because I
was having so many problems) I set the alignment attribute of all of
my classes to 16 bytes.

The program crashes everytime I do an sse assignment (such as __m128
foo = bar;).

I traces things down in gdb, and apparently my classes are not aligned
on 16 byte boundaries.  This seems strange given that I've done just
about all that I can to make sure that they are aligned correctly.

I'm compiling into separate object files and then linking at the end
(this is the only difference I can think of between my simple test app
and my ray tracer).  Is it possible that the alignment gets thrown off
in the link step?


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