use of cast expressions as lvalues is deprecated

Eljay Love-Jensen
Tue Feb 15 06:16:00 GMT 2005

Hi Massimiliano,

Your neglecting constness.

Try this...

void* qmemcpy(void* dst, void const* src, register long len)
   // assert(dst != NULL);
   // assert(src != NULL);
   // assert(len > 0);
   register char* d = dst;
   register char const* s = src;
   for(; --len >= 0; *d++ = *s++)
     /*no body*/;
   return dst;

...and remember:  the optimizer is amazing, and works hard to eliminate 
inefficiencies and improve performance.

Also, there are some tricks you could do that would improve the performance 
of the above as much as an order of magnitude by "tricky use of switch 
statement loop unrolling" and moving larger items at a time (with alignment 
constraints on certain platforms).  Assuming that performance is important.

Don't undervalue the standard memcpy routine.  Some compilers have a nicely 
optimized memcpy.


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