Template Member Function Compilation Error on Solaris

Wei Qin weiqin@gmail.com
Wed Feb 2 07:48:00 GMT 2005

I have some compilation error for one template member function on
solaris g++ 3.3.2. I don't have a problem on x86/linux port of g++.

#include "mpz_base.hpp" // defines _mpz_base_
template <unsigned _Len_, bool _Sign_> class _mpint_t_ {

                _mpint_t_() : m() {}
                _mpint_t_(const _mpz_base_<_Len_,_Sign_>& v) : m(v) {}

                ~_mpint_t_() {}

                const _mpz_base_<_Len_,_Sign_> val() const {return m;}

               // problem here
                template <unsigned _L, bool _S> //line 40
                void deposit(unsigned lmb, unsigned rmb, const
_mpz_base_<_L,_S> & x) {
                        m.set_slice(x, lmb-rmb+1, rmb);

               // line 45

When compiling, g++ complains 
"mpint_type.hpp:40: error: parse error before numeric constant"
"mpint_type.hpp:45: error: semicolon missing after declaration of `
   _mpint_t_<_Len_, _Sign_>'

I am been struggling with this problem for a while. Is this a problem
of the compiler or my coding? Experts please advise. Thanks in


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