Using gcc

Brian Dessent
Sat Dec 24 20:00:00 GMT 2005

"" wrote:

>         Checking the documentation for a version of gcc close to this one gave me now clue as to how to resolve the linker error.  I ended up searching  /usr/lib for __gxx_personality_v0 to find libstdc++.a which so happened to define the reference.  Where do I find documentation that will tell me how to get started doing a compile in this situation?  Also what is this 'personality' type of name the linker needs?

You shouldn't have to specify any of that kind of junk.  It should just
work.  But you didn't include the exact command(s) you used to compile
and link and without that info it's pretty hard to assist you.

The kind of error that you're seeing is often caused by trying to link
by calling 'ld' directly instead of using the 'gcc' command, or trying
to link C++ code by calling 'gcc' instead of 'g++'.  You should always
link with 'gcc', unless you have any C++ code in which case you should
compile and link with 'g++'.  By doing this the necessary internal
library bits will always be added automatically.


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