getarg and iargc in gcc-4.0.2

Steve Kargl
Mon Dec 5 23:05:00 GMT 2005

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 04:15:51PM -0600, Dr. Germund Hojer wrote:
> GAMESS (General Atomic and Molecular Electronic Structure System) is  
> written in FORTRAN mainly. But there are some important routines written  
> in C. One of those contains the following code with calls to getarg and  
> iargc :

As pointed out by Paul Thomas, you don't need a C wrapper 
around getarg and iargc.  But, if you feel compelled to
look under the hood of libgfortran, then choose wisely

troutmask:sgk[270] nm /usr/local/lib/libgfortran.a | grep arg
0000000000000010 T _gfortran_set_args
0000000000000020 T _gfortrani_get_args
0000000000000004 b argc_save
0000000000000008 b argv_save
00000000000002a0 T _gfortran_get_command_argument_i4
0000000000000400 T _gfortran_get_command_argument_i8
00000000000001e0 T _gfortran_getarg_i4
0000000000000280 T _gfortran_getarg_i8
0000000000000000 T _gfortran_iargc
                 U _gfortrani_get_args
00000000000002a0 T _gfortrani_get_command_argument_i4
00000000000001e0 T _gfortrani_getarg_i4


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