template typedef

Vincent Torri Vincent.Torri@iecn.u-nancy.fr
Fri Dec 16 13:21:00 GMT 2005

Hey, thanks for the (2) answer(s)

ok, so its uses is a bit less obvious. You use the fact that classes can
be "templated" and that they can contain typedef.

just for curiosity, will the syntax that i have proposed will be in a
future standard (I've read that on google once) ?

Vincent Torri

On Fri, 16 Dec 2005, John Love-Jensen wrote:

> Hi Vincent,
> Yes, GCC 3.x and 4.x support template typedef.  But not in the syntax of
> your example, rather it is support in a C++ (ISO 14882) compliant syntax.
> For example:
> template <typename T>
> struct Foo
> {
>     typedef std::map<std::string, T> Registry;
> };
> HTH,
> --Eljay

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